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Bleeding Heart Flowers


I teach yoga with the aim of offering a safe space for you to joyfully reconnect to your body. To find safety, love, and trust within your own physicality. So that, from a place of grounded physical safety, you can begin to open energetically and remember your own sovereignty and connection to something bigger. Bleeding Hearts Yoga holds the intention of fostering compassionate community and watering the seeds of joy and celebration in your life. To bring vibrancy and holistic wellbeing forth on and off of the mat. I take special care toward living this path with integrity and authenticity, so that from my own space of fullness, joy, acceptance, celebration, flow, and love, I can offer that out to those I work with. In living this life I love, I get to live from love. I can't wait to work with you. 


Om! My name is Holly, the heart behind Bleeding Hearts Yoga, and bringing attention to the miraculous within the mundane is my focus. The chance to fully embody this life in the here and now is a sacred opportunity that I believe is best approached through weaving mind, body, and soul together consciously, and compassionately. A unique combination of grounded, earthly spirituality and an understanding of cutting edge psychosomatic and quantum science are signatures of Bleeding Hearts' offerings. 

I grew up with my belly in the soil, admiring and befriending the plants and animals in Vermont. Interconnectedness has fascinated me since I can remember. I believe that Spirit, Soul, meaning, and purpose can be accessed at any moment when we are tuned into the frequency of connection. I hold Yoga close to my heart as a map with the potential to guide anyone to that frequency, to a gnosis of unity. 

I revere the fact that alongside the chance to deepen ones embodiment of divinity, Yoga nourishes our physical form and mental space. With a long family history of mental and physical health issues, Yoga has offered me a way to befriend and nurture my body & mind, showing me firsthand the incredible possibilities of holistic healing. I believe that all people deserve, and can feel at home within their own skin, and that our greatest powers to transform reality lay in the intersections of a harmonious body, mind, and soul/spirit. 

I've always had an insatiable curiosity. As a student to whatever my intuition highlights, I've been able to experience and gain wisdom from a variety of backgrounds. Some of these include a B.S. in Psychology from Tufts University with two minors: German and Urban Studies, 20+ years of dance (with 10 of those also as a teacher), horticulture and gardening with a comprehensive knowledge of native & regenerative landscaping practices, manufacturing & green tech, marketing, nonprofit work, herbalism, therapeutic crisis and trauma intervention, 400+ books (big bookworm), photography, poetry, singing, surfing, and a 200hr YTT through School Yoga Institute facilitated by Mindi and Nadine of Transance. I am thrilled to bring all of this experience and more to my teachings and offerings, and to continue to learn in all the ways that call, including from the students who show up to work with me.

Let’s Work Together

Currently teaching at:

Indigo Haven Healing

29 Lafayette Rd unit 4a

North Hampton, NH 03862

Solstice Yoga Portsmouth


51 Ceres St

Portsmouth, NH, 03801



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